White Mode in VR

What is White Mode?

White mode transforms your 3D models from Revit & Sketchup in monochrome version, rendering the entire scene into grey and white, focusing purely on forms and structure. This mode removes distractions of textures and colors, allowing viewers to concentrate on the design's architectural elements.

What are the advantages of White mode?

  • Enhanced focus: Helps concentrate better on architectural spaces and shapes
  • Increased Clarity: Simplify complex models for better understanding.
  • Versatile Presentation: Ideal for both early-stage design reviews and final presentations.

How to activate white mode?

  • Enter the SENTIO VR app for Meta Quest headsets and enter your 6 digit-access code
  • Click on any 3D model and enter a scene from the dollhouse view
  • Open the VR menu and click on White Mode feature and Click On or Off as per your requirements.

During Meetings: In Free and Guided Modes

  • Free Mode: In free mode, everyone should be able to Update their white mode
  • Guided Mode: When Host clicks on the white mode button, every guest should get the same mode setting as the host.