360 images using Cinema4D

How to create panoramic renders from Cinema4D?

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For creating a 360 render using Cinema4D, we have created a quick tutorial that shows you a step-by-step guideline.

  1. Create a Camera, as explained on the other tutorials, the first is step is always creating a Camera.

To simplify the explanation, we'll do it with a simple camera. In the future, you can use any of the available cameras.

  1. The next important step will be to *Adjust the Coordinates.

You'll can always change the position, which will depend on each project, but at least the rotation have to be all set at 0.

  1. Now its time to Adjust the distance of the Camera* by doing click on Object and then changing the **Focal Lenght. We recommend changing it to 15.

For this, it's important to select what the camera is watching, clicking on the second square at the right side of *Camera

  1. Now it's time to *Render by clicking on the icon showed in the picture.
  1. After clicking on Render, a new window will show up, *Rendering Settings:

Select "Save" and choose as format "Quicktime VR Panorama" and change the resolution to [X:Y] [4000:2000] which is the highest resolution supported by SentioVR.


On the same window, select on "Output" and change the resolution again to [4000:2000]

  1. Close the Rendering Settings and click on Render as showed on the left picture. The rendering process will start, and will give as an output a .MOV file which you'll need to save as .JPEG to upload it to SentioVR.

Now you are ready to go INMERSIVE!

Your 360 render is ready for upload and creating a VR walkthrough !

You can also watch our Video!

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