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360 images using Sketchup

How to create 360 renders using Sketchup ?

Click on the image to download this sampler!

1. To create 360 panoramas using Sketchup, download & install the plugin using the link below.

If you use a Mac, use these steps for installing the plugin:
Open a new Finder window, press and hold the Option key on your keyboard, the click Go in the menu bar > Library > Application Support > SketchUp # > SketchUp > Plugins)

The plugin creates 6 images: Up, Down, Right, Left, Front, Back.


Link to download Sketchup Plugin

2. Once you have installed "Cubic Pano Out" on your PC or Mac, it's time to use it! Go to SketchUp and open your 3D model.

3. Locate a Camera

Go to the Camera Tab, and select the Plug In you installed; CubePano Out.

4. Set up your Cube Map A new window will show up there select how you want you cube map to look like.

5. Save it to your Local Files and assign a name to your project.

6. SketchUp will save 6 pictures form your project, imitating a Cube.

7. Use our link to join these 6 images & create a single panoramic image

Your 360 render is ready for upload and creating a VR walkthrough !


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360 images using Sketchup

How to create 360 renders using Sketchup ?

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