Getting started with Revit in SENTIO VR

Revit models in Oculus Go | Quest | Gear VR

Download Revit Plugin


Download SENTIO VR Plug-in for Revit

## Link to download

Download the Revit plug-in from the Sentio VR dashboard, Autodesk Store, or from the above link.

Close Revit and Install Plugin

Complete Installation

Open Revit & login with your email and password

Select the views for your VR presentation

Note: export process always uploads the entire model. Uploading views makes it easier to navigate the model inside VR headset.

Choose the project where you want to upload the model

Wait for the optimisation process to end

Note: you will receive an email on successful optimization.

Wait for the success screen

Note down your 6 digit access code

Enter your 6 digit code in Oculus headset


How to install Oculus Quest App?


The video below shows step-by-step instructions to view your REVIT Models in VR


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