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How to optimize your Sketchup model for VR ?

We recommend some hacks when it is not possible to upload your model to SENTIO VR. If your model upload is taking a long time or fails the optimisation process, it occurs most likely due to the high number of polygons in your model. We suggest some ways to optimise your model here:


Delete hidden surfaces that your model has when importing it from CAD programs


Reduce the excessive number of polygons of your model. You can occupy the following plugins to optimize your model:

a) Material Resizer: will run through every material in your model and let you know what size each one is. Download link

b) Skimp: keeps your model light and fast by simplifying it to the perfect balance of detail and performance. Download link

c) Cleanup3: Fixes duplicate component definition names, erase hidden geometry, Merge identical material Download link

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How to optimize your Sketchup model for VR ?

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