(Beta) PC app for VR meetings

Tutorial for using PC App for multi-user VR meetings

With the Sentio VR PC App, you can collaborate with stakeholders who do not have a VR headset to review 3D walkthroughs and 3D models. Below is the guide to understanding the process of presenting via the (BETA) PC App.


Download the SENTIO VR PC App


1. Choose 360 tour or 3D model for the meeting

  • Go to Projects --> 360 Tours to select the virtual tour for launching meeting
  • Go to Projects --> 3D models to select the 3D model for launching meeting
  • Click "Launch Meeting"

2. Click on Launch meeting & note access code

  • Each meeting has a unique 6 digit access code
  • Access code can be shared with all participants
  • Additionally, there is a meeting password only for hosts
  • Once host enters the password, all participants enter the virtual meeting

3. Enter the meeting code & password in your PC Viewer App

  • If you are the host, enter the 6 digit access code & meeting password
  • If you are the guest, enter the 6 digit access code

4. Select your Project


5. Use the shortcuts to guide your VR users

Shortcuts for 360 Tours

  • Z: Open menu with scenes
  • M: Mute/Unmute
  • Arrow --> Next image
  • Arrow <-- Previous image

Shortcuts for 3D walkthroughs

  • Z: Open menu with scenes
  • M: Mute/Unmute

6. Meeting controls for host & guest

  • Controller actions for hosts are enabled
  • Controller actions for guests are disabled
  • Meeting ends for all participants when host confirms on "End meeting"