(New) Multi-user VR meetings: Start meetings directly from the headset

With new meeting updates, start and join meetings with multiple stakeholders directly from your VR headset, eliminating the need to access the dashboard at app.sentiovr.com and manually share access codes and passwords both for 360 tours and 3D walkthroughs

Previous Workflow:

  • Access Dashboard: Navigate to app.sentiovr.com.
  • Copy Access Code and Password: Obtain the meeting access code and password.
  • Share Credentials: Share the access code with participants.
  • Enter Meeting: Host enters using the password, participants enter using the access code.

Updated Workflow:

  • Direct Access from Headset: Initiate and join meetings directly from the VR headset.
  • Simplified Credential Sharing: Use a single four-digit access code for participants to join.

How to Conduct Multi-User Meetings from Your Headset?

For Hosts:

1. Join as Host: Put on your VR headset and navigate to the SentioVR app.

2. Access Meetings: On the menu bar, select the 'Meeting' option.

3. Generate Access Code: Click on the 'Meetings' icon. A four-digit access code will appear.

4. Share Access Code: Share this four-digit access code with your participants.

For Participants:

1. Join Meeting: Put on your VR headset and navigate to the SentioVR app.

2. Enter Access Code: On the home screen, enter the four-digit access code.

Join VR Meeting: You will be directly taken into the VR meeting inside the headset.

Benefits of the New Workflow

  • Enhanced Convenience: No need to access the web dashboard or manage multiple credentials.
  • Streamlined Process: Quickly start and join meetings