Getting started with Sketchup in SENTIO VR

Step-by-step tutorial to view SketchUp models in Quest 2 VR App

This tutorial will show how you can convert your SketchUp models into VR walkthroughs on Quest 2.

A few important points:

  • Models are uploaded to the cloud via a plug-in directly from SketchUp
  • Upload process usually takes 3-15 minutes depending on model complexity
  • You will see a success screen once models are uploaded and receive an email
  • Download SENTIO VR app on the Quest 2 and note your 6-digit code for the VR walkthrough


Compatible with Sketchup Pro ( 2017 - 2023 ) | Windows & Mac

Sketchup Make does not allow exporting models to plugins - hence it is incompatible.

Open Extension Warehouse directly from Sketchup & search SENTIO VR

Install the plugin directly from SketchUp on both Windows & Mac


Open Extension Manager

Login using your SENTIO VR account credentials

You will need a SENTIO VR account to use the plugin. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so using this link. If you have already created an account, log in using the orange icon on the plugin tray.

Select scenes and project before uploading the model

The plugin exports the entire model geometry to the cloud for the VR experience. By selecting scenes here, you will still export the entire model but will also be able to access these scenes easily from the VR menu for a smoother presentation experience. We recommend you select the relevant scenes. In case your model does not have a scene created previously, you will need to create a scene before proceeding to the next step.

Now, select the project where you want the model to be saved after uploading to keep your content organized.

Wait for the upload process to complete & note 6 digit code

Once you click Done, the model upload process begins automatically. Wait for a few minutes till you see the Success screen at the end of the process. Click on "OK" to note your unique 6 digit access code for VR access to the model.

Note if your model has passed the recommended limit for Quest 2

While we optimize the models in order to load in the Quest 2, there is a possibility that beyond a certain limit it may not render in the Quest 2 or the experience may be a little laggy. We usually recommend models to be less than 2M polygons for a smooth experience - though there is no fixed limit as the final experience depends on other factors as well such as materials, textures etc as well.

We recommend you still upload the design to check for yourself the VR experience. In case your experience is not satisfactory, you will need to optimize the model before uploading again to keep within the thresholds of Quest 2.

View your model in VR in Dollhouse View

You can now enter your 6 digit code in the SENTIO VR Quest 2 App & walkthrough your model in 1:1 scale with all the geometry, materials & textures imported correctly. Below is a screenshot of how models are presented in a Dollhouse view before exploring in detail.

VIDEO Tutorial

The video below shows step-by-step instructions to view your Sketchup Models in VR


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