Getting started with Sketchup in SENTIO VR

Sketchup models in Oculus Go | Quest 2 | Gear VR


Compatible with Sketchup Pro ( 2017 - 2022 )

Sketchup Make does not allow exporting models to plugins - hence it is incompatible.

Open Extension Manager from Sketchup

Search for SENTIO VR

Click on SENTIO VR extension icon

Open Extension ManagerOpen Extension Manager

Open Extension Manager

Click on SENTIO's pageClick on SENTIO's page

Click on SENTIO's page

Click on the Install button and click "Yes"

Click on the first icon ( orange ) to log in to your account

Select the scenes from your model for navigating in VR

Note: This is primarily to quickly navigate scenes in VR and we recommend including the views you plan to present for review. It does not suggest that only this scene will be exported for VR viewing.

Select the name of the Project where the model will be uploaded and stored

Wait for the upload process to complete. It can take etween 3-15 minutes depending on the file size and network speed.

The process is complete when you see the "Success screen"

Note your 6 digit code to enter in SENTIO VR App



VIDEO Tutorial

The video below shows step-by-step instructions to view your Sketchup Models in VR


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