Using Quest App for 3D walkthroughs

Understand all the controls and navigation tools to review your 3D designs using Quest 2 App

Once you have uploaded your 3D design using SketchUp or Revit plugins, all you need to walk through your model is the SENTIO VR app on the Quest 2, your 6-digit code & an internet connection. Before entering into the model on a 1:1 scale, the designs are placed in a dollhouse view where you can view the entire project at a glance.


Scenes: Open App Menu to select 3D views ( recommended )

In order to start your VR walkthrough, we recommend opening the App Menu first to select the scenes/views of your model. Remember these are the same views you chose during the upload process from the plug-in. We highly recommend doing this during the upload process to make it easy to switch views in the VR app using the Scenes icon as shown below.


Open the App menu using this icon on the Left Controller


Teleport: Trigger (on front of controller) to change location

Using the trigger on the right controller, you can also point to any surface on the model and teleport directly. The blue laser indicates that the app recognizes the floor correctly for you to teleport. In case the laser color is red, you will not be able to teleport to the point as the app does not recognize the surface correctly.


Fly Mode & Walk Mode

Fly mode: Default mode of moving inside the mode where you can move in any direction upwards or downwards. Allows you to move through objects like doors or windows.

Walk mode: Switch to Walk mode where you can keep a fixed eye height above the floor and teleport in the view. Does not allow you to move through objects.

You can switch between the modes using the shorcut "A" on the left controller.


Eye height

Open the App Menu to change the *Eye Height depending on your preference


Left controller trigger to move your position to left/right

Using the left controller, press the trigger to the left or right in order to change your position to the left or right in the 3D model.

Right controller trigger to rotate your view left/right in model

Using the right controller, press the trigger to the left or right in order to rotate your view inside the 3D model