View 360 photos in 3D walkthrough

View high-quality 360 renders or 360 photos in the same immersive experience

While exploring a 3D walkthrough, you can easily switch between the design and 360 panoramas from your tour with a click. Bring in 360 photos of the project or a high-quality render to the 3D walkthrough to use the full potential of your content in a single immersive experience.

How to use it?

Step 1: Link your 3D walkthrough with a 360 tour

  • Login to the web platform
  • Click on Projects --> 3D walkthroughs --> Modelname
  • Click on the icon below to link the 360 tour from the same project folder
  • Select the tour that you want to link to your 3D walkthrough

  • Save. You can now view all the 360 panoramas from this tour inside your 3D model in VR

Step 2: Open the 3D model in VR to view panoramas

  • Open the 3D model in VR and enter any scene from the dollhouse
  • Open the VR menu and click on the button "360 Tours"
  • Click on any 360 image and it will automatically change the view to a panorama
  • To return to the model, click on the button "Return to 3D walkthrough"