Sun/Shadows in 3D walkthroughs

Improve visualization by adding shadows based on the time of the day with Sun

How to use Sun/Shadows feature?

  • Enter the SENTIO VR app for Meta Quest headsets and enter your 6 digit-access code
  • Click on any 3D model and enter a scene from the dollhouse view
  • Open the VR menu and click on the Sun/Shadows feature icon. Click on toggle button to turn on the lights/shadows.
  • Users can change the time in "one-hour intervals"
  • The start time will be 6 am to end time 7 pm, Which marks from Sun rise to Sun set, Horizon to Horizon.
  • During Meetings: In Free and Guided Modes
  1. Free Mode: In free mode, everyone should be able to Update their Sun setting
  2. Guided Mode: When Host clicks on the "present" button, every guest should get the same light setting as the host.

Soft Shadows in VR

Soft shadows enhances your model with natural and subtle shadows, adding a layer of depth and realism to VR presentations making them visually more appealing and easier to interpret.