Screenshots and reports

Take screenshots from the VR App and share an automatated report

This feature works for both 360 tours and 3D walkthroughs

How to use it?

  • Open the "Screenshots" icon from the VR Menu and press "Take a photo". Now get ready to capture the view that you want to access later and press the trigger to take a picture. Once the photo is taken, it shows up as a thumbnail in your VR menu and you can save the changes to sync the images on the cloud.
  • Login to the web portal to access your screenshots
  • To access your screenshots outside VR, login to the web portal:
  • Go to Projects --> 3D walkthroughs --> Filename
  • Hover on the card to find the "Reports" Icon in the bottom left.
  • Click on the icon to obtain the URL for the report. Remember this is a public URL.
  • On opening the URL, you will find all the screenshots organized by date.
  • Click on the "Download All" option to download a ZIP folder locally.