Screenshots and reports

Take screenshots from the VR App and download a report


This feature works for 3D walkthroughs only

1) Take Screenshots from the VR app

Open the "Screenshots" icon from the VR Menu and press "Take a photo". Now get ready to capture the view that you want to access later and press the trigger to take a picture. Once the photo is taken, it shows up as a thumbnail in your VR menu and you can save the changes to sync the images on the cloud.


2) Login to web portal to acccess your screenshots

To access your screenshots outside VR, login to the web portal:

Go to Projects --> 3D walkthroughs --> Filename

Hover on the card to find the "Reports" Icon in the bottom left.


Click on the icon to obtain the URL for the report. Remember this is a public URL.


On opening the URL, you will find all the screenshots organized by date. Click on the "Download All" option to download a ZIP folder locally.