Install SENTIO VR App on Oculus Quest/Quest 2


Key points

App Lab is a distribution channel provided by Oculus/Facebook
To install App Lab titles via Quest, you need to have a Facebook or Oculus account

The Quest 2 App is now available via Oculus App Labs - a new channel by Oculus to distribute apps to users without Sideloading or Developer accounts.

Please make sure you follow these steps to install the app correctly.

SEARCH: "SENTIO VR" in headset & install directly

a) Put on your Oculus Quest 2 and click on Search Bar

b) Type "SENTIO VR"

c) Make sure your search is exact using CAPS before you press enter.

d) Click App Lab & install directly in VR

Installation link:

Updated 12 days ago

Install SENTIO VR App on Oculus Quest/Quest 2

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