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Oculus Quest: Download SENTIO VR app

Sideload SENTIO VR app for Quest

Need help setting up Quest ?

Installing SENTIO VR app on the Oculus Quest requires some manual work while we get approvals from Oculus to publish the app on the Store. If you face any problems, just set up a call with the link above and we will be happy to help !

1. Create Oculus Developer Account

Login to your Oculus Dashboard & create a new Organization. You can put any name you want - the only requirement is to create one to move to the next step.

  • Go to
  • Login with your email and password used for setting up Oculus Quest
  • Navigate to Community --> Developers
  • Navigate to Manage
  • Click on Create new Organization

2. Enable Developer Mode

Grab your phone where you have the Oculus App installed. Login to the same account you used for creating the Organization. Connect to your Quest, tap "Advanced Settings" & activate Developer Mode.

3. Connect your Quest to PC/Mac and approve permissions

Connect your Oculus Quest to PC/Mac and approve for any permissions requested from inside the VR headset.

4. Download the Sentio for Quest APK

Download this APK on any folder in your PC

5. Download VR Sideloader on your PC/Mac



6. Drag & Drop APK on the installer and click 'Install'

7. View the tab 'Unknown Sources' on your Quest & start SENTIO

Put on your Quest and tap on Library --> Unknown Sources to view the access to the SENTIO VR app.

Need help setting up Quest ?

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Oculus Quest: Download SENTIO VR app

Sideload SENTIO VR app for Quest

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