Notes Tool in VR

Tool to add text notes on top of 3D designs in VR

This feature works for both 360 tours and 3D walkthroughs

How to use it?

  • Enter the SENTIO VR app for Meta Quest headsets and enter your 6 digit-access code
  • Click on any 3D model and enter a scene from the dollhouse view
  • Open the VR menu and click on the button "Notes"
  • Click on "New Note"
  • In the window for adding a note, select the input type:
    • Virtual Keyboard: Use your controllers to type the comment and save the note
    • Voice-to-text: Wait for 3 seconds for the recording to begin and speak. Once your recording is complete, review the automatically created note and save it.
  • Place the note using the right controller on any surface in your view
  • To view the note, point your controller on the icon and the note automatically opens up in your view.
  • To save the note to your design, press "Save Changes"
  • To delete the note from your designs, use the "Delete All" option for all notes or the "Remove" icon for individual notes.