Notes Tool in VR

Tool to add text notes on top of 3D designs in VR


This feature works for 3D walkthroughs only

1. Create and place a text note

In order to place a text note on any surface, click on the "Notes Icon" and "New Note".

Using the virtual keyboard and controllers, type your comments ( maximum 140 characters ). Once completed, press the Confirm button in the bottom-right and then place the Note using your controller at the desired point in your view. Once placed, the note will open every time you hover on top with the pointer for you to view the content.


2. Save a note to the cloud

Once you have created a note, make sure you press the "Save Changes" button on the top-left of the VR menu. Once the save is completed, the note is synced to the cloud and you can view the note anytime you login to your VR session individually or during meetings.


3. Move an existing note to new location

If you want to change the location of an already-created note, just press on the icon and drag the note to a new location and release the trigger once confirmed.


4. Delete an individual note(s)

In order to delete a single note, open it by hovering on the note and pressing the "Eraser" button in the bottom right. Once clicked, the note will be deleted and you can save the changes


5. Delete all notes

In order to delete all the notes in your model, open the "Notes" icon and press the "Delete" button on the top left. Once you confirm the action, all the notes will be deleted and you can save the changes