Measurement tools in VR

Easily measure distances between points or surfaces in meters or feet


This feature works for 3D walkthroughs only

The measuring tool allows you to easily measure the distance between any two points. You can choose between manual and automatic modes

How to use it?

  • Enter the SENTIO VR app for Meta Quest headsets and enter your 6 digit-access code
  • Click on any 3D model and enter a scene from the dollhouse view
  • Open the VR menu and click on the button "Measurement"
  • Choose between two available modes:
    • Manual mode: you can select a starting point and an endpoint and directly measure the distance between these points
    • Automatic mode: the app will directly measure the distance between the initially chosen surface and the surface directly opposite to it
  • Easily switch between units: meters and feet
  • Delete an existing measurement from your view by clicking the "X" icon