Draw Tool in VR


This feature works for 3D walkthroughs only

1. Freehand or Circle Mode

In order to create annotations on your 3D designs, you can use one of the two options:

a) Freehand: Use the controllers to create a sketch using your hands from point A to point B like a brush tool. You can choose the thickness of the brush as well as the color options before beginning to sketch.

b) Circle: Use the pre-defined circle to place on top of any surface. Like the brush tool, you can choose the color of the shape as well as the size between Small, Medium & Large.


2. Save Changes to cloud

Once you have prepared your annotations, you can press the "Save Changes" tab on the top-left of the VR menu in order to sync the changes to the cloud. Once the changes are saved, you will see the annotations in the model everytime a user enters using the access code - for both VR meetings and individual VR sessions


3. Delete Individual Drawings

In case you want to delete drawings, you can choose between two options: to delete specific drawings or delete all the drawings. In order to delete specific drawings, choose the "Erase" button from the Draw Icon in the VR menu. Once the icon is selected, point and select the specific drawings you plan to erase. Save your changes once completed!


4. Delete All Drawings

If you plan to delete all the Drawings, remember to be sure as you will not be able to fetch them back. From the "Draw" icon in the VR menu, choose the "Delete" icon. Once