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Missing Sketchup surfaces or objects in VR

Surfaces in the original model are not visible in VR, how to fix it ?

If you have exported your Sketchup model and have missing surfaces, let's quickly understand why this happens and what can be done to resolve it:


SketchUp faces have a front side and a back side. Because SketchUp is a face modeler (meaning it creates all of its geometry as faces) , it needs to keep track of which face is the front side and which face is the back side of each face. For external programs like SENTIO VR, this is important as it depends on how we work with the front and back faces.

SENTIO VR ignores back faces in order to increase performance (avoid rendering faces you’re not meant to see) and this causes you to not see the surfaces in the Oculus Go once exported by our plugin.


This video by [Sketchup Essentials ]( explains really well the fixes for this problem.

Here's a text description of the fixes suggested by Sketchup Essentials

First – how to switch the faces. One way to do this is to right click on each individual face and select “Reverse Faces.” This will swap the front face and back face orientation. This is probably the easiest way if you only have to swap a few different faces.

Second – If you have a lot of faces that are facing the wrong direction within an object, you can find a face that’s facing in the right direction, right click on it, and select the option for orient faces. SketchUp will use the orientation of that face to figure out the orientation of the other faces in the object and adjust them to match.

Third, visibility. Some people have a bit of trouble seeing the difference between the gray and the white depending on the angle. What you can do is set up a style where the back faces are a bright, hard to miss color, and select the “Shaded using all same” option. Now, anywhere in my model where I have back side faces, I can see them and go in and reverse them.

Finally, if you have a really complex shape that you’re trying to set up as a solid for 3D printing, the extension solid inspector will highlight and fix the wrong faces for you in many cases.

Group objects and change their face-orientation

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Missing Sketchup surfaces or objects in VR

Surfaces in the original model are not visible in VR, how to fix it ?

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