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The simplest way to convert your 3D models from Sketchup, Revit, 3DS Max and others to immersive Virtual Reality presentations on Samsung Gear and VR devices

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Release notes, 26th March, 2018

Chaitanya Ravi · 6 months ago

Our Sketchup extension for Gear VR enables you to upload the model to our cloud and view it in Samsung Gear VR directly. To install the extension, please visit the page:

    Release notes, 2nd January, 2018

    Chaitanya Ravi · 9 months ago

    We are starting the year with some good news for our users. Based on your feedback, we have made important changes to our platform so that you can get more value from your account. Here’s a summary of the upgrades:

      Release notes, 16th December, 2017

      Chaitanya Ravi · 9 months ago

      We are happy to announce Presentation for Portfolio, where you'll be available to monitor your customized presentations and keep the communication with clients and collaborators, all across VR devices, including GearVR.

      To use Presentation for Portfolio, you'll have to follow the next steps:

      • C...

        Release notes, 6th November, 2017

        Chaitanya Ravi · 9 months ago

        We are happy to introduce a new feature Portfolio for presenting exactly what you want, to who you want. From today, you can create immersive project presentations that are completely customised by you, easy to share and private for your clients only.

        For each project, you can now create a uniqu...

          Release notes, 15th September 2017

          Chaitanya Ravi · about a year ago

          We are excited to launch audio features on our platform.Here’s what you need to know about the audio features in SentioVR.

            Release notes, 22nd June, 2017

            Chaitanya Ravi · about a year ago

            Redesigned web editor for each space where you can add
            a) add text notes
            b) add directional hotspots
            c)set start view for each 360 image.

              Release notes, 9th May 2017

              Chaitanya Ravi · about a year ago

              We have increased support for all formats of architectural renderings. The format previously supported was spherical panorama. Now, you can also upload stereo spherical panos, cubic maps (6:1) & stereo cubemaps ( 12:1)

                Release notes, 25th April, 2017

                Chaitanya Ravi · about a year ago

                You can now upload your 360 images & connect them via hotspots immediately so that your clients can navigate within the space. The hotspots work with a click while viewing on desktop & are enabled for VR-mode by gazing for 3 seconds.